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ScribeSEO is a content optimization and blogging tool directly competitive with Inbound Writer and similar to some features in Compendium.  It helps you research topic keywords, performs content analysis, and unlike the other two tools goes beyond just on-site search engine optimization (SEO) to identify link building opportunities outside of your property. Scribe SEO integrates with WordPress, Drupal and Joomla, or can work as a standalone web application. Scribe basically breaks down their tool into 3 areas: research, optimize, and connect.

Research.  Here Scribe helps you find topics and keyword phrases even before you begin authoring your blog content. It will mine keywords, their associated popularity, competition by analyzing content on Google, Twitter and Google+.  You can also see trend information taken from Google Trends on specific terms. In addition, they also display demographic information such as gender and age percentages, as well as, link scores, content scores, page authority scores, social media share scores, PPC cost and search volume for each keyword.  None of this information is hard to find out on your own, but they make it very accessible in a single location for every keyword.

After you have researched your content, you then author your post.  Here is where optimization comes in.  ScribeSEO analyzes your blog post and assigns a page score and site score based both on the content and keywords mentioned in the post, but also based on the actual HTML structure of the page which other tools may not do.

Connect. In the last step, ScribeSEO helps you find off site back link opportunities.  It will identify authoritative social media users and high-ranking sites based on your content,  and automatically retrieve the contact information for them so you can connect with them to link to your content or ask them to guest blog for you.  It doesn’t actually do the link building for you, but only facilitates the process.

ScribeSEO certainly helps in the research and optimization stages.  Based on our review, it did help uncover terms and keywords that we would not have thought of otherwise.  For those who are new to black hat SEO, and what to force their writers to optimize solely based on Scribe’s score.  It’s a great way to get your editorial team to write with SEO in mind.

However, much of the information that the internet marketing and blogging tool provides is extraneous and unnecessary.  For example, do most content marketers care about the supposed gender and ages of their target audience?  Will that significantly change the content of their blog post?

In addition, the last step of connecting you with offsite link building opportunities is creative, but it does not take you all the way there.  It does help uncover opportunities and influencers, but it does not actually help with the hard work of cultivating a relationship.  Just getting the contact information does not get you a backlink.  Similarly, many marketers may find they are already aware of who the influencers are for their topic areas and the influencer suggestions provided by Scribe SEO may not be very novel.

Who should use it

Marketers with writing teams that are not SEO savvy. Scribe provided a clear quantitative framework for optimizing text content for search engine optimization.  It’s a great tool to employ with writing teams that may not be SEO aware.  On the flipside, for others who may be experts at SEO, the scoring and suggestions may seem arbitrary.


Scribe prices based on evaluations.  Unlike other tools that optimize on the fly, you have to click to optimize a page and run an evaluation.  On average, they say a single page takes 3-5 evaluations to fully optimize.

  • Professional ($97/month): 300 evaluations a month (around 75-100 pages or posts)
  • Agency ($247/month): 900 evaluations a month (around 180-300 pages or posts)
  • Enterprise (Unavailable): Varies according to each custom plan


  • Sets clear metrics for SEO that anyone can understand for non-SEO experts.
  • Deeply integrated into WordPress.
  • Evaluates HTML of content, not just keywords.
  • Helps with off-site, not just on-site SEO.
  • Provides extremely detailed information for every keyword.


  • Scoring methodology seem abitrary to someone who is SEO savvy.
  • Only help facilitate offsite SEO, does not actually do it for you.
  • Information provided may be extraneous.
  • Confusing pricing model.
Product: ScribeSEO
Reviewed by Content Marketing Toolshed
Rating: 3.5

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